Criminal Representation

All Criminal defense cases in the Metro Atlanta area including speeding and moving violations, DUI and all other criminal cases. Work in coordination and partnership with Sara Eslami Law, criminal defense counsel. 

Comprehensive Property Law

We can help you at Day Law with all your property related matters.


Residential and commercial property closings-

Day law will handle all aspects of real estate residential and commercial property law closings for loans and cash closings. Full service title and closing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our firm has six locations and offers mobile services for signing ceremonies.  


Developer Representation

Experience working with Developers and other vendors, service providers in order to develop and complete a residential or commercial projects. Our law firm has excellent referral services and approved lists of vendors I have worked with in the past to provide as recommendations to help starting and experienced Developers complete their projects.

Insurance Defense

Representation for insurance claims defense for claims that have been denied by insurance companies.


Covenant Enforcement, Governing Documents, and Amendments

Regarding to Homeowners, condo association and property owners associations representation for neighborhoods and communities.



Drafting and Contract Negotiation

Expert and specialized contract negotiation and contract drafting for one time use and for multi-use purposes. Also our firm offers negotiation and mediation for agreements, mergers, divorces, family law, or any other issues you may have or need. Naomi has a master’s degree and specializes in this area of the law.

Real Estate Business Litigation

Any real estate litigation matters; from land deals or borderline agreements, encroachments, eminent domain, title claim representation and defense, contract and materialmen’s liens/claims/defense, lien stripping and negotiation, title clearance, code enforcement defense and any other civil or criminal cases stemming from the use of real property in the state of Georgia.

Investor Services

Business development and vendor networking – Day law has worked with 100’s of investors in the past. Starting the business, maintaining a positive business flow, creating and setting up networking and a team for Investors. Help Investors build successful relationships in Metro Atlanta. This service is a business planning service and consulting aspect to organize personal business and/or real estate business needs.



Wrongful foreclosure, defense for foreclosure, creditor foreclosure representation, judicial and non-judicial foreclosure legal services provided.



Tenants/landlords- Plaintiff or defense- to remain in or to regain the access of the rental property for use by either the tenant or Landlord. our firm can work to resolve the issues or advise the parties of their rights to representation in Court.


Corporate Formation and Business Organization

Our firm can help you from start to finish to complete your corporate organization including getting a federal Tax ID, State registered with Georgia and all organizational documents for startup. This includes Incorporations, Limited liability companies, limited liability corporations, limited partners, Partnership agreements for profit and not for profit organizations, and professional partnership agreements.